Our partners

German Cooperation and KfW

German Cooperation via KfW

The Tiger Programme will run until 2024 and is funded by The German Cooperation via KfW Development Bank. It is part of a global effort to double tiger numbers in the wild by 2022.

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European Union

The European Commission's DG DEVCO co-funds SOS African Wildlife, which protects key threatened African species while supporting communities whose lives are deeply connected to the same landscapes and habitats.

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Coq en Pâte

Coq en Pâte Editions has supported IUCN Save Our Species since 2015 through the sale of specially designed children's apparel available in more than 400 outlets worldwide, including many zoos and aquaria, as well as via their official website.


Lacoste SA has collaborated with IUCN Save Our Species since 2018 on a three-year partnership to increase global awareness and support conservation action for iconic but Critically Endangered species.

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