Our Impact


We have been supporting Tiger conservation for five years. We announced that over the next 3 years, we will dedicate more than $1.1million to new initiatives aimed at protecting the Goitered Gazelle and Snow Leopard in Kazakhstan,

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With about 40% of Madagascar’s original forest cover lost between the 1950s and 2000, reforestation is crucial to protecting all species of lemurs and a priority for many of our grantees.

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All of our grantees work closely with neighbouring local communities, as without their help it is not possible to protect threatened species.

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At IUCN Save Our Species, we have the main following objectives:

Populations of target threatened species are stable or increasing in the wild by 2030.

The decline in target threatened species from illegal killing, human wildlife conflict and disease is reduced by 2030 and halted by 2050.

The loss, fragmentation and degradation of the habitats of target threatened species is reduced by 2030 and halted by 2050.

The human pressures on target threatened species are reduced by improving the living conditions of local people and providing them with alternative economic activities by 2030.

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