Sut`uwalla (Liolaemus aparicioi)
Image credit: Fundación para el Desarrollo de la Ecología

Liolaemus aparicioi Conservation: Small Protected Area Network

2023 - 2024
Species protected
Sut`uwalla Liolaemus aparicioi

Project objectives

This project’s objective is to safeguard the Critically Endangered Liolaemus aparicioi lizard, which is currently confined to the vicinity of La Paz city and its surroundings. Unfortunately, its habitat has dwindled from 100 to 60 square kilometers by 2010, primarily due to urbanization.


Habitat loss & degradation

To secure the future of this species, the project plans to establish new protected areas, carry out extensive education campaigns, and actively engage with local authorities to secure long-term support for conservation efforts. The project will also entail population assessments and genetic analyses, with the goal of developing an officially sanctioned management plan within the span of a year.

This project is implemented by Fundación para el Desarrollo de la Ecología.

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