Lowland Forest Day Gecko (Phelsuma guimbeaui)
Image credit: Ebony Forest

Reducing the Extinction Risk of the Mauritian Gecko and Macchabé Skink

2023 - 2024
Species protected
Macchabé Skink Gongylomorphus fontenayi
Lowland Forest Day Gecko Phelsuma Guimbeaui
Upland Forest Day Gecko Phelsuma Rosagularis

Project objective

This project aims to protect several Mauritian gecko and skink species, who face severe fragmentation and population decline due to habitat loss, invasive plants, and introduced predators.

To counter these threats, and hopefully reduce the risk of extinction, the project proposes the establishment of new subpopulations in four predator-controlled areas with high-quality native forests: Vallée De L’Est, Ebony Forest, Providence, and Montagne Longue.


Habitat loss & degradation

Invasive alien species

Predator control grids will be set up in Montagne Longue and Providence to manage cats, mongoose, rats, and tenrecs, complementing existing trapping grids in Ebony Forest and Vallée de L’Est.

The project will also focus on building local capacity and raising awareness about these lesser-known species.

This project is implemented by Ebony Forest.