Borneo Earless Monitor (Lanthanotus borneensis)
Image credit: Harits Yowansyah Pandayu Putra

Determining Habitat and Population Characteristics of the Earless Monitor Lizard

2023 - 2024
Species protected
Borneo Earless Monitor Lanthanotus borneensis

Project objectives

This research project aims to determine the habitat and population characteristics of the Earless Monitor Lizard in the Landak and Sanggau districts to enhance data collection on earless monitor lizards increases, which can support the latest assessment of the conservation status of this animal.

Ultimately, the objective is to raise public awareness and knowledge through socialization and focused group discussions on the Protection and Preservation of the Earless Monitor Lizard (Lanthanotus borneensis).


Habitat loss & degradation


Our goal is to foster greater understanding and support for the conservation of this unique species, ultimately enabling its sustainable utilization in the future.

This research project is implemented by Harits Yowansyah Pandayu Putra, Institut Pertanian Bogor