Alsophylax laevis
Image credit: WWF Central Asia

Using Watering Holes to Improve Livelihoods and Conserve the Southern Even-fingered Gecko

2023 - 2024
Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan
Species protected

Project objectives

This project aims to protect the Critically Endangered Southern even-fingered gecko, located in central and southern Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan’s rocky talus slopes in the Bolshoi and Maliy Balkhan mountain ranges. This species faces severe habitat loss due to agriculture, overgrazing, and habitat destruction. To combat this, the project will employ a three-pronged approach.


Habitat loss & degradation

Firstly, research will identify the gecko’s current distribution to establish strict protected areas, shielding them from human-induced disruptions.

Secondly, water sources will be improved in these key areas to benefit wildlife, including the gecko.

Lastly, the project will tackle livestock interference by creating separate watering sites in the valleys, away from the gecko’s habitat, reducing grazing and trampling.

By implementing these strategies, the project aims to halt the gecko’s population decline and ensure its long-term survival.

This project is implemented by WWF Central Asia.