Mauritian Flying Fox perched on a tree
Imge credit: Vashist Omprasad Seegobin and Geetika Bhanda

Using Drones to Protect the Endangered Mauritian Flying Fox

2022 - 2023
Species protected

Project objectives

The aim of this research project is to promote the conservation of the Endangered Mauritian flying fox by improving estimates of the animals in roost and highlighting its key role in maintaining native forest regeneration. The project will mainly use a drone equipped with a thermal camera to assess the distribution and behavior of the species in order to better understand its ecology. Potentially, this project also hopes to produce valuable information that may help mitigate human-wildlife conflict between local farmers and flying fox in Mauritius.


Habitat loss & degradation

Human-wildlife conflict


This research project is implemented by Vashist Omprasad Seegobin and Geetika Bhanda, University of Mauritius.