Addax in the wild
Image credit: Sahara Conservation Fund

Urgent Addax Aerial Survey in Niger

2016 - 2016
Species protected
Addax Addax nasomaculatus

Project objectives

While the long term goal is to see Addax restored to healthy, self-sustaining populations within their preferred range, more immediate goals must focus on preserving the remaining wild population through a mixture of activities, including protection against illegal off-take and efforts to secure its preferred habitats in the reserve and its periphery.

The immediate goal of this proposal is to locate the remaining Addax and implement priority actions to conserve the species in its last stronghold.

Finally, the main outcome is to stabilize the remaining Addax population and minimize the threats from human activities.

This project is implemented by Sahara Conservation Fund.


Habitat loss & degradation

Over-exploitation of natural resources & prey depletion


Reduced genetic diversity