Protecting Endangered and Critically Endangered Abronia Lizards in the Guatemala

2023 - 2024
Species protected

Project objectives

This project’s objective is to protect these endemic and Critically Endangered reptiles and their habitat within the high biodiversity areas of the Guatemalan highlands. These invaluable habitats are under constant threat from deforestation, forest fires, and agriculture.


Habitat loss & degradation

To achieve this, the project will focus on implementing habitat conservation and protection measures, specifically targeting three Endangered Abronia lizard species found in the Xapper, La Soledad, and Cerro Amay conservation sites located in Huehuetenango and Quiché. Additionally, the project aims to engage and benefit more than eight local communities through Abronia conservation initiatives.

Furthermore, the project will conduct vital applied research and monitoring activities to enhance scientific knowledge about Abronia species in the Xapper, La Soledad, and Cerro Amay sites. This research will lay the foundation for evidence-based conservation efforts in the future, ensuring the long-term survival of these unique reptiles and their habitats in the Guatemalan highlands.

This project is implemented by Fundación para el Ecodesarrollo y la Conservación.