Credit: Stichting Chimbo
Image credit: Stichting Chimbo

Participatory Conservation of West African Chimpanzees and their Habitat in Guinea Bissau

2014 - 2016
Guinea Bissau
Species protected
West African Chimpanzee Pan troglodytes ssp. verus

Project objectives

The goal of this project is to contribute in an effective way to the improvement of the conservation status of the West African Chimpanzee. In practical terms this means encouraging the local communities to actively participate in the conservation of the chimpanzees living in the Boe National Park and its surrounding area. This will lead to a mitigation of threats for the chimpanzees themselves and their habitats; thereby strengthening the ecological network of intact habitats that facilitates easy exchange between chimpanzee populations in the region.

This project is implemented by Stichting Chimbo.



Habitat loss & degradation