Filipino Flying Foxes
Image credit: Bat Conservation International

Community-Based Roost Sanctuaries for Flying Foxes

2013 - 2015
Species protected
Golden-capped Fruit Bat Acerodon jubatus

Project objectives

The goal of this project is to help recover the endangered Golden-crowned Flying Fox by establishing at least six newly-protected roost sanctuaries spread throughout the range of the species. Roost site protection will boost this species’ dangerously small population sizes by as much as 12 times their current sizes.

Furthermore, local communities will benefit from the ecosystem services for example maintaining forests as fresh water sources, and agricultural services such as the pollination of crops that these bats offer. As communities take ownership for the protection of the Flying Fox bats, the bats will hence provide the community with economic and educational benefits as well as pride in having protected a charismatic piece of Philippine natural heritage.

This project is implemented by Bat Conservation International.


Habitat loss & degradation