Perrier’s Sifaka (Propithecus perrieri) Critically Endangered
Image credit: N. Cegalerba

Engaging the Local Community in Lemur Conservation within the Andrafiamena Andavakoera Protected Area

2017 - 2022
Species protected
Crowned Lemur Eulemur coronatus
Sanford’s Brown Lemur Eulemur sanfordi
Perrier’s Sifaka Propithecus perrieri

Project objectives

  • Grow 60,000 trees through nurseries managed by 5 trained local gardeners;
  • Create 40 jobs within tourism activities;
  • Create 10 km of firewall every year including 30 fire panels set up within the corridor;
  • Raise awareness and provide environmental education every trimester within 14 fokontany (the smallest sub-division of administrative district);
  • Reduce to zero the pressure on natural resources;


Habitat loss & degradation


Reduced genetic diversity

  • Generate new data for the Perrier’s sifaka for the area;
  • Create 18 additional jobs for local communities;
  • Provide 3 types of alternative sources of income for local communities;
  • Increase the growth rate of the lemur population.

This project is implemented by Fanamby.