Sphyrna lewini at Cocos Island
Image credit: Pretoma Organisation

Development and Implementation of an Integrated Management Strategy for Sphyrna Lewini in the Eastern Tropical Pacific

2014 - 2016
Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador
Species protected
Scalloped Hammerhead Sphyrna lewini

Project results

The project will allow Costa Rica to lead an Eastern Tropical Pacific conservation initiative that develops, implements, and influences legislation, enforcement strategies, and public opinions that result in fewer fished hammerhead sharks.



Expected project results include the creation of formal legislation and regulations that strengthen national and international governmental agencies’ abilities to implement measures that protect sharks. Secondly, the project will work to achieve a reduction in shark meat consumption in Costa Rica. Finally the team aims for an expansion of Costa Rica’s marine protected area network governed under an ecosystem management plan that protects juvenile hammerhead populations and promotes increased earnings for fishers.

This project is implemented by Pretoma.