Atlantic Humpback Dolphins
Image credit: WCS Congo

Conservation of Atlantic Humpback Dolphins in Gabon and Congo

2013 - 2014
Democratic Republic of the Congo, Gabon
Species protected

Project objectives

  • Safer coastal habitat for the threatened Atlantic Humpback Dolphins;
  • Stabilised or growing populations of Atlantic Humpback Dolphins within Conkouati-Douli and Mayumba National Parks;
  • Local constituency of fishermen and other stakeholders in coastal communities for the conservation of Atlantic Humpback Dolphins;


Habitat loss & degradation

Over-exploitation of natural resources & prey depletion

  • Reduced or no illegal industrial trawling in the National Parks;
  • Ancillary benefits to species such as the Critically Endangered Leatherback and Vulnerable Olive Ridley Turtles, frequently entangled in nets during the nesting season, and spawning demersal fishes.

This project is implemented by Wildlife Conservation Society.