Ganges Dolphin
Image credit: Aaranyak

Securing the Gangetic Dolphin’s Future in the Brahmaputra River System

2013 - 2014
Species protected
Ganges River Dolphin Platanista gangetica

Project objectives

The project team are expecting increased community support to the dolphin and ecosystem conservation in 30 priority dolphin habitats. Another aim is to empower these communities to scientifically monitor dolphins and their habitats and to undertake actions for any observed threats by the community itself. Thirdly, Aaranyak will develop community conserved dolphin areas which can be replicated in other priority dolphin sites, reducing dolphin mortality through fishing net entanglement, reducing dolphin mortality for increased market demand for dolphin oil.


Habitat loss & degradation

Over-exploitation of natural resources & prey depletion


In general the aim is to increase awareness of dolphin and river ecosystem conservation among the general riverside communities and enhance the dolphin prey-base by awareness raising and monitoring of illegal fishing in association with local communities and management authorities.

This project is implemented by Aaranyak.