Protecting the Dja biosphere reserve and surrounding area

Protecting the Dja Biosphere Reserve and Surrounding Area

2014 - 2015
Species protected
Western Gorilla Gorilla gorilla
Chimpanzee Pan troglodytes
African Savana Elephant Loxodonta africana

Project objectives

  • 20 ecoguards trained, equipped and carrying out anti-poaching patrols in the Dja Biosphere Reserve;
  • A community surveillance network established and reporting incidences of wildlife crime;
  • Wildlife protection plans with SMART anti-poaching patrols implemented in almost 6,000km2 timber concessions with the Dja complex periphery;
  • Overall it is anticipated that great ape and elephant populations will stabilize whilst incidence of poaching will fall by at least 20% over the course of the project.

This project is implemented by Zoological Society of London


Habitat loss & degradation