Manombo Forest Madagascar
Image credit: GERP

Improving the Conservation Status of Lemur Species in Manombo Special Reserve

2018 - 2022
Species protected

Project objectives

All activities are designed to improve the well-being of both the people and their forest. This diversified strategy aims to produce four results:

  • Increased population sizes of Avahi and Lepilemur in addition to decreased incidences of threats and pressures through participatory ecological research with the local community;


Habitat loss & degradation

  • Higher income and/or food security improvement for 100 families through improved rice farming techniques;
  • Approximately 800 schoolchildren and teachers directly aiding in conservation efforts through environmental education and World Lemur Festival and Environment Day event celebrations; and
  • Habitat restoration of 20 hectares of forest through tree nursery development and community-wide reforestation efforts of 80,000 native tree species.

This project is implemented by Groupe d’Etude et de Recherche sur les Primates.