Propitechus deckeni perched on a tree
Image credit: The Peregrine Fund

Improving Conservation of Lemurs in Tsimembo

2015 - 2017
Species protected
Aye-aye Daubentonia madagascariensis
Red Brown Lemur Eulemur rufus

Project objectives

  • Degraded habitat at the Tsimembo protected area will be reforested as the team works with local communities to ensure no hunting takes place in the protected area;
  • Participatory ecological monitoring will help to understand the evolution of lemur populations and will involve the local communities in the conservation programme;


Habitat loss & degradation


  • The project will help local communities to mitigate activities to diminish the threat to local natural resource. This will increase the rate of lemur reproduction and reduce the rate of mortality.

This project is implemented by The Peregrine Fund.