Implementing the first Liberian national action for the Endangered Pygmy Hippo
Image credit: ZSL

Implementing the First Liberian National Action Plan for the Endangered Pygmy Hippopotamus

2014 - 2015
Species protected
Pygmy Hippopotamus Choeropsis liberiensis

Project results

  • Support (via new data, collation of existing reports and materials and advocacy) the gazettement of a new protected area (Wonegizi Nature Reserve);
  • Active and sustainable management of 37,000ha of key pygmy hippo habitat;
  • Capacity building for protected area and local staff, towards a reduction in local treats, especially encroachment and hunting;
  • Improved local, national and international awareness about the rare and endangered pygmy hippo, and the important role that Liberia, and Wonegizi in particular, plays in its conservation and survival.

This project is implemented by Fauna and Flora International.


Habitat loss & degradation