Greater bamboo lemur
Image credit: AFSGH Helpsimus

Greater Bamboo Lemur Programme

2017 - 2020
Species protected
Greater Bamboo Lemur Prolemur simus

Project objectives

The programme is currently identifying the priority areas for greater bamboo lemur conservation and for community-based development. The resulting management plan will help implementing efficient protection measures for the conservation areas (rangers’ surveillance, reforestation, decrease in clearing…) and sustainable activities on community-based operational areas thanks to the improvement of crop yields and the creation of new sources of income (vegetable crops, fish production, ecotourism, handicraft…).


Habitat loss & degradation


The sustainable use of natural resources by the villagers will preserve the greater bamboo lemurs and their habitat. As a consequence, the existing conflicts between lemurs and villagers will be minimized. The lemur population will continue to grow while the living standards of local communities will be improved.

The management of responsibility is also gradually transferred to local communities for capacity-building reinforcement and to involve them in all aspects of the conservation plan (environmental, economic, social).

Finally, improving the education of the children and the villagers will increase their knowledge of greater bamboo lemurs and help them to understand the relations between humans, animals and land use so that a balance can be found.

This project is implemented by Association Française pour la Sauvegarde du Grand Hapalémur.