Credit: American Bird Conservancy
Image credit: American Bird Conservancy

Emergency Protection for the Critically Endangered White-bellied Cinclodes

2012 - 2013
Species protected
White-bellied Cinclodes Cinclodes palliatus

Project objectives

Through this project, we hope that local communities will have a better understanding of their unique natural resources and the rarity of their White-bellied Cinclodes. The primary objective is to establish the new community protected area, for which much groundwork has already been done. This process begins at the community level proceeding to regional and then national level.


Habitat loss & degradation

The establishment of a protected area may also facilitate development of tourism opportunities for the community in the future. Secondly, the project aims to mitigate the threats to the species including over-grazing which degrades the habitat upon which this highly specialised bird depends.

This project is implemented by American Bird Conservancy.