Dugong emergency protection project
Image credit: Christian Schlamann

Dugong Emergency Protection Project

2013 - 2014
Species protected
Dugong Dugong dugon

Project objectives

The project’s main objective is to secure core Dugong herds and habitat by mitigating major threats and strengthening existing structures in collaboration with various institutions and government authorities.


Over-exploitation of natural resources & prey depletion

This involves assisting the Bazaruto Archipelago National Park improve their law enforcement effectiveness through designing and implementing a revised strategy and set of systems that will prevent Dugong entanglement in gill nets and destruction of Dugong habitat. The project will also provide technical support to the National Park by improving communication and financial administration systems so that conservation operations are enhanced. The Dugongs will as a result benefit from a reduction in destructive and unlawful fishing practices, and through the creation of sanctuaries. Moreover, long-term conservation approaches will create sustainable income sources for the Park, and identify alternative livelihoods for fishing communities.

This project is implemented by Endangered Wildlife Trust.