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Image credit: WCS Malaysia

Conserving Asian Elephants in Malaysia’s Endau-Rompin Landscape

2019 - 2020
Species protected
Asian Elephant Elephas maximus

Project objectives

The project will increase knowledge of the occurrence of elephants and their use of different land-use types within and surrounding ERL. By creating maps and sharing this information with stakeholders, the grantee can determine which areas are important or unsuitable for human – elephant co-existence, thereby initiating plans to establish and protect appropriate elephant conservation corridor(s).

Farmers and others living close to elephants will be better informed about elephants, their ecology and conservation status, and better equipped to address conflicts, leading to reduced elephant translocations and mortalities.


Habitat loss & degradation

Human-wildlife conflict


The project will also result in stricter law enforcement and reduced targeted poaching of elephants by reducing the number of snares and indirect threats to elephants, including encroachment and habitat loss.

This project is implemented by Wildlife Conservation Society.