Conservation of threatened amphibians in the Ithombwe and Misotshi-Kabogo massifs
Image credit: Wildlife Conservation Society

Conservation of Threatened Amphibians in the Itombwe and Misotshi-Kabogo Massifs

2012 - 2013
Democratic Republic of the Congo
Species protected
Rugegewald River Frog Phrynobatrachus acutirostris
Itombwe Massif Clawed Frog Xenopus itombwensis
Luvubu Reed Frog Hyperolius leleupi

Project objectives

This project will seek to establish two new protected areas in these massifs with boundaries demarcated and respected locally and nationally to ensure long term success of the Protected Areas, and conserve the habitats for many threatened amphibian species in one of the most biodiverse regions of Africa.

This project is implemented by Wildlife Conservation Society.


Habitat loss & degradation