Conservation of endemic and threatened cycads of Chiapas

Conservation of Endemic and Threatened Cycads in Mexico

2014 - 2015
Species protected
Zamia soconuscensis cycad Zamia soconuscensis
Ceratozamia mirandae cycad Ceratozamia mirandae
Ceratozamia vovidesii cycad Ceratozamia vovidesii

Project results

  • Secure the protection of cycad habitats through the establishment of voluntary mechanisms for conservation in the eligible localities or to strengthen the forestry management of Wildlife Management Units, accordingly;



  • Develop, for the first time a rapid evaluation of the cycad populations present in all of the five localities in order to include it management plans for Wildlife Management Units and land use planning exercises, accordingly;
  • To identify the commercialization needs to support sustainable management practices that enhance the long-term conservation of the cycad habitats and populations in the localities proposed.

This project is implemented by Pronatura.