Hybrids in the wild
Image credit: Xuchang Liang

Community-Based Program to Conserve the Wild Yak in Tibet

2012 - 2014
Species protected
Wild Yak Bos mutus

Project objectives

The main project objective is to design, in collaboration with local communities, a 10km wide buffer zone around Wild Yak populations in two of the northern-most townships in Changtang Reserve and to monitor the effectiveness of the buffer zone.

As the buffer zone should help reduce grazing pressures and associated grassland degradation (a key objective of the national grassland recovery program), project results may be used to influence policy as to sustained inputs beyond the two-year life of the project towards compensation funds through the grassland recovery program.

This project is implemented by Wildlife Conservation Society.


Human-wildlife conflict

Over-exploitation of natural resources & prey depletion


Reduced genetic diversity