South African Species protection project
Image credit: EWT

South African Cycad Species Protection Project

2012 - 2015
South Africa
Species protected
Encephalartos whitelockii Encephalartos whitelockii

Project objectives

The specialised training programme will equip law enforcement officials with the necessary skills and knowledge, to address the illegal trade in cycads and enforce the current moratorium. Successful enforcement acts as a strong tool for compliance and as a deterrent to trade illegally in cycads, and thereby also reducing poaching of wild cycads. Through the provincial training interventions, provincial cycad enforcement networks and key contacts will be developed. These specialist focus enforcement groups will be available to share and assist with their skills and knowledge for other enforcement agencies, and when dealing with cycad crimes. Lastly, it is envisaged that within the judicial realm there will be an improved success rate in court cases leading to stronger penalties that will serve as deterrents for future crimes and continued poaching.

This project is implemented by Endangered Wildlife Trust.


Habitat loss & degradation

Invasive alien species