A lion in North Cameroon
Image credit: Iris Kirsten

Saving the Lions of Mpem-Djim National Park in Cameroon

2019 - 2021
Species protected
Lion Panthera leo

Project objectives

This project aims to understand and help manage the lion presence in the park, while the park authorities develop long-term plans for the lion population in MNDP. Through this project, the grantee hopes to achieve the following:

  • Understand the movement pattern of lions in MDNP landscape;
  • Understand the genetic status of the lions;
  • Establish prey abundance and distribution;
  • Create and update a database of geo-tagged photos of lions;
  • Reduce livestock depredation;
  • Better protect and/or increase natural prey densities.


Human-wildlife conflict

This project is implemented by Biodiversity-Environment & Sustainable Development.

This project is part of the IUCN Save Our Species African Wildlife initiative, which is co-funded by the European Union.