Project Team with Zamia prasina
Image credit: Michael Calonje

Saving a Threatened Cycad Species in Belize

2013 - 2015
Species protected
Zamia Zamia wallissii

Project objectives

At present work is underway to complete an assessment for the target species Zamia prasina which may lead to reclassifying it as a new species, Zamia decumbens on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. More information about this process will follow on the SOS website in due time.



Concretely, for this project the conservation team will work to get 1,000 garden-propagated seeds into the nursery industry. If the market can be supplied with sustainably produced seed, the demand to poach seeds from the wild will be diminished.

Through the outreach portion of the project the team will reach at least 100 horticultural and tourism staff per year to educate the public about the rarity of the species and the need for conserving it.

This project is implemented by Montgomery Botanical Center.