Propithecus diadema in Betampona Reserve
Image credit: Lana Kerker

Protecting the Lemurs of Betampona and Supporting the Local Community

2017 - 2021
Species protected
Indri Indri indri
Diademed Sifaka Propithecus diadema

Project objectives

The project aims to encourage a 95% uptake of use of the fuel-efficient stoves in the 700 household target audience over the three years of the project, reducing household wood consumption by up to 50%. Success will be ascertained through participant surveys. The reduced wood consumption should help to protect the ever-diminishing forest cover in and around Betampona and, although very challenging, we will attempt to directly measure the impact on forest degradation rates through more intensive patrol surveillance and remote-sensing.


Habitat loss & degradation

By protecting lemur habitat, the project team will help to conserve lemur populations long-term in Betampona Reserve.

The project also aims to reduce chicken mortality through disease by 40% in the twelve target villages through a Newcastle disease vaccination programme. By improving food security in individual households through improved chicken husbandry we hope to reduce the level of bushmeat collection by 20%. This will be measured through household surveys and surveillance patrols for evidence of trapping.

This project is implemented by Madagascar Fauna and Flora Group.