Improving the conservation status of Hapalemur alaotrensis through habitat protection and community-led sustainable management of the Lac Alaotra new protected area

Improving the Conservation Status of the Lac Alaotra Gentle Lemur

2016 - 2018
Species protected
Alaotra Reed Lemur Hapalemur alaotrensis

Project objectives

  • All 18 local communities are able to sustainably manage their natural resources and the Lake Alaotra New Protected Area is managed by an authority recognised by community and government stakeholders;
  • The community monitoring programme is fully operational and involving all 18 villages leading to improved monitoring of threats, increased identification of infractions, and increased compliance with local regulations;


Habitat loss & degradation

  • Habitat restoration has resulted in 100 hectares of marsh being planted to reconnect fragments of habitat, and methods have been developed to control invasive aquatic plants and reduce burning;
  • Sustainable alternative livelihoods have been developed including sustainable agriculture and handicrafts, leading to increased income and food security and reduced pressure on gentle lemur habitat;
  • An awareness campaign is run through radio broadcasts and community workshops, and all 18 villages participate in an annual competition to reinforce the benefits of sustainable resource use. Children from 20 local schools participate in field trips to increase local awareness of the gentle lemur and the local environment.

This project is implemented by Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust.