Cycad Habitat
Image credit: Protos

Community-Based Water Resource Management Program for the Conservation of Encephalartos Whitelockii Cycads in Western Uganda

2014 - 2016
Species protected
Encephalartos whitelockii Encephalartos whitelockii

Project objectives

  • The project will first of all focus on the monitoring and mapping of the actual situation as little precise information is available at present;
  • Based on this baseline priority zones for interventions will be identified and up to 5000 seedlings will be planted;


Habitat loss & degradation

  • The seedlings will be propagated from community nurseries. Due to the creation of increased awareness and the formulation and enforcement of bylaws, as well as the clear demarcation of the legally protected area, the discontinuation of slash and burn activities are targeted;
  • Finally the projects aims at creation of direct incentives of the involved community (alternative water sources) and the research for alternative income generation (e.g. through the sale of cycad seedlings).

This project is implemented by Protos.