Studying the Effects of Fragmentation and Climate Change

2010 - 2011
Bhutan, India
Species protected
Philautus nerostagona Philautus nerostagona
Rhacophorus calcadensis Rhacophorus calcadensis

Project objectives

The primary objective of this study was to document the current status and establish baseline information on amphibian communities.

Once this was done, the work went a step further and documented the changes in assemblage in accordance to stages of human modified forest landscapes.


Climate change

Habitat loss & degradation

The third step was to use this information as raw material for a mathematical model which then predicted the changes that occured in amphibian communities in larger areas due to global climate change.

The last objective was to build a sense of environmental stewardship among the local youth by directly involving them in scientific research and monitoring.

This project is implemented by the Conservation Leadership Programme.