2023C 15 Furcifer belalandaensis femelle
Image credit: Hajaniaina Rasoloarison, Ecole Doctorale Ecosystèmes Naturels

Assessing the Conservation Status of the Belalanda Chameleon in Madagascar

2023 - 2024
Species protected
Belalanda Chameleon Furcifer belalandaensis

This research project aims to address the knowledge gap surrounding the Belalanda Chameleon, an endemic lizard species found exclusively in the Belalanda Commune, Madagascar, whose habitats are unfortunately threatened by logging, mining, bushfires, and unsustainable agricultural activities.


Habitat loss & degradation

Despite its Red List status, there is limited information about the Belalanda Chameleon’s distribution, conservation status, and ecological requirements. Therefore, a comprehensive study is imperative to inform conservation strategies and action plans. The project will gather systematic data on the Belalanda Chameleon’s status through field surveys and species distribution modelling. Additionally, it aims to engage local stakeholders in the development of a conservation action plan for the species. An awareness campaign, conducted in collaboration with local authorities, will further strengthen conservation efforts not only for the chameleon but also for the entire unprotected area. Urgent action is essential to protect both the species and its imperilled habitat.

This research project is implemented by Hajaniaina Rasoloarison, Ecole Doctorale Ecosystèmes Naturels.