Alaotra gentle lemur (Hapalemur alaotrensis) is Critically Endangered and endemic to Lac Alaotra
Image credit: Fidy Ralainasolo

Ensuring the Protection of the Alaotran Gentle Lemur’s Natural Habitat

2019 - 2021
Species protected
Alaotra Reed Lemur Hapalemur alaotrensis

Project objectives

  • Reduce marsh burning to less than 1,500 hectares/year by 2020;
  • Increase and improve priority Bandro habitat to 6,000 hectares by 2020;
  • Ensure that approximately 70% of the population of the three most important communities show positive pro-lemur attitudes, know that infractions are fined, and report reduction in willingness to engage in illegal marsh clearance;


Habitat loss & degradation

  • Ensure that local associations within Alaotra Rano Soa (ARS) directly and effectively managing 80% of the marsh area with 440 people from 26 associations receiving training by 2020;
  • Develop an ecosystem management-economic benefits system and integrate it within the post-2020 Alaotra preotected area management plan.

This project is implemented by Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust.