A team of armed rangers
Image credit: Eric Ash

Increased Enforcement Capacity for Thailand’s Thap Lan National Park to Address Rampant Rosewood Poaching

2013 - 2014
Species protected
Siamese Rosewood Dalbergia cochinchinensis

Project objectives

The goal of this project is to immediately secure the safety of rangers and reduce the threat to TLNP’s Thailand Rosewood and biodiversity through the elimination of rosewood poaching. By investing in TLNP’s front-line rangers and by developing park-based monitoring and reporting mechanisms, the project will rapidly improve the effectiveness and safety of patrolling operations as well as increase their frequency. Coordinating efforts with other government stakeholders will also contribute to stepping up the fight against rosewood poaching.

This project is implemented by FREELAND Foundation.


Habitat loss & degradation

Invasive alien species