Snow Leopard
Image credit: Snow Leopard Foundation in Kyrgyzstan

Saving Snow Leopards and their Prey Species in Kyrgyzstan

2020 - 2021
Species protected
Snow Leopard Panthera uncia

Project objectives

By building partnership between government and local communities, this project will reduce threats to snow leopards and significantly increase the amount of Snow leopard habitat under protection. This project will improve protected area co-management and expand community engagement in conservation to unprotected lands to help local communities engage in and benefit from conservation. It will help communities understand the importance of Snow leopard conservation, and offer economic and livelihood improvements such as direct cash, financial stabilization, economic offsets, and/or buffers against predation, serving as a model that can be scaled-up nationally and in the region.

This project is implemented by Snow Leopard Trust.


Habitat loss & degradation

Human-wildlife conflict

Over-exploitation of natural resources & prey depletion