Maleo Bird Pair
Image credit: Kevin Schafer

Comprehensive Community-Cased Conservation of the Endangered Maleo Bird

2012 - 2014
Species protected
Maleo Macrocephalon maleo

Project results

Overall, the four components of this comprehensive approach to Maleo conservation should work synergistically to turn the Tompotika region into a stronghold for the Maleo, and for conservation in general.

If this project is successful, for the first time there will be an entire region of Sulawesi where the Maleo’s decline has slowed or reversed and Maleos are present and breeding; where local people are increasingly aware, engaged, and enthusiastic about protecting them; and where overall government and public support for conservation activities is growing.

This project is implemented by Alliance for Tompotika Conservation.


Habitat loss & degradation

Over-exploitation of natural resources & prey depletion