Gilbert's Lesser Bamboo Lemur (Hapalemur griseus ssp. gilberti) is one IUCN SOS target species
Image credit: Ny Tyanintsika

Sustainable Lemur Conservation and Community-Based Action in the Ambositra-Vondrozo Forest Corridor

2018 - 2022
Species protected
Golden Bamboo Lemur Hapalemur aureus
Milne-Edward’s Sifaka Propithecus edwardsi

Project objectives

  • Poaching of lemurs reduced by 60% in the target area;
  • Knowledge of lemurs improved in the project area which covers 32,000 hectares;
  • That 90% of people living in villages bordering the rainforest project area are aware of the uniqueness of local biodiversity and report an increased appreciation of lemurs;


Habitat loss & degradation


  • Lemur-friendly income-generation activities and alternative sources of protein developed for 50% of forest dwellers;
  • The capacity of 9 Community Forest Management associations strengthened in management and governance, particularly legislation.
  • That 45,000 endemic trees are planted in the project target area to meet lemur and human needs.

This project is implemented by NY Tyanintsika.