Blue-eyed Black Lemur (CR) in Sahamalaza Iles Radama National Park
Image credit: Grainne McCabe

Restoring the Habitat of Lemurs in Sahamalaza-Iles Radama National Park

2017 - 2021
Species protected
Blue-eyed Black Lemur Eulemur flavifrons
Aye-aye Daubentonia madagascariensis
Sambirano Mouse Lemur Microcebus sambiranensis

Project objectives

By the end of this project we will have evaluated the most effective method of reforestation for SIRNP, based on the level of plant survival and growth in experimental plots. We will also have multiple years of mapping data on change in forest (fragment) size throughout SIRNP. We will also have multiple years of population size and distribution data for all lemur species in SIRNP. We will also be able to relate lemur populations across the national park (both nocturnal and diurnal) to habitat type and availability. Ultimately, these baseline data will be used to determine the effectiveness of the reforestation programme when re-established.

This project is implemented by Bristol Zoo.


Habitat loss & degradation